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Green Apple Art Center has 15 years of experience helping students become leaders in creative industries. Build a strong technical foundation, apply your skills in industry-focused projects, and develop them into a stand-out portfolio with our series of courses, feature programs, and extracurriculars. Whether you are in Grade 4 or 12, our instructors deliver a variety of content that allows students to explore new media and disciplines, challenge their skill levels, and grow as artists and designers. 

Feature programs


Design and show your work at New York Fashion Week

university prep


Introduction to architecture

Learn the basic principles of architecture and architectural problem solving in a studio setting that emulates the design thinking processes taught at major universities.


Develop an understanding of the process of video creation from pre-production to production and post-production, discover how to break down motion into frames, and learn how to layer sound on images.


SculpturE 101

Learn simple building techniques, and develop languages to assess the formal properties of sculpture. Practice different ways to conceptualize arts projects and become familiar with your own strengths and preferences.