Showcase your conceptual thinking and technical skills with a portfolio that stands out from the crowd.


Develop a Cohesive body of work

Portfolios are essential for anyone pursuing a creative career. They provide a snapshot of your creative thinking skills and technical capabilities, and give insight into your interests and potential. A strong portfolio can earn acceptance letters and land jobs. This course gives students the opportunity to diversify and solidify not only your technical abilities, but also their creative thinking skills, and can include 2D, 3D, and multimedia work. We strongly recommend this course for students who are applying to post-secondary or masters programs in any creative field.



Technical skill in a variety of media is an important part of any strong, well-rounded portfolio. Expand and hone your technical skills in a range of mediums in our Portfolio Development course.


Tell a story

Storytelling and conceptual thinking is essential to developing a cohesive body of work in your portfolio. In our Portfolio Development course, we teach you to think critically about your work and help you refine your artistic practise for a portfolio that demonstrates conceptual thinking.


  • Alison Guan

  • Colleen Wu

  • Irene Hwang

  • Odera Igbokwe

  • Mira Song

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