Art and design programs with a real-world edge

We offer not only foundational courses in art and design, but also specialized programs for students wishing to pursue careers in architecture, interior design, industrial design, animation, film, game design, and fashion. Students are taught by industry professionals, practising artists, and university instructors from a range of disciplines who challenge students’ creative thinking and technical skills with curriculum that continually evolves to keep up with current industry standards.


Our Three Pillars




Build a strong foundation for a career in a creative field by honing your technical skills. Courses cover a range of topics including pencil drawing, perspective drawing, and painting in acrylic, oil, and watercolour.

Courses include Drawing and Painting Foundations, Figure Drawing, 3D Explorers

Elaine Cui | Grade 12  University of Southern California

Elaine Cui | Grade 12

University of Southern California


Develop a portfolio that sets you apart from other students through a rigorous program that focuses on research, ideation, documentation, and experimentation.

Courses include Art Gallery Program, Competition Preparation, Creative Design Challenge, Portfolio Development, New York Fashion Week

William P. | Grade 12  2018, Parsons

William P. | Grade 12

2018, Parsons

Applied Arts

Elevate your skills in creative industries that interest you, including architecture, industrial design, fashion design, and new media. Learn advanced technical skills, gain in-depth knowledge, and expand your portfolio with courses taught by industry professionals.

Courses include Animation Concept Art, Architectural Design, Illustration, Video Production, and Fashion Design


Personalized Learning Plan

All students receive a personalized consultation with our professional education consultant before enrolling. Throughout each course, instructors observe their students’ technical abilities and creative thinking skills to determine strengths and areas for growth. At the end of every twelve-week program, our planning team assesses students’ performance and works with parents to refine their student’s custom learning plan.

Our instructors

They set us apart. Whether they are industry professionals, practising artists, or university instructors, they are all experts in their fields. Our instructors work closely with students to understand their individual learning styles and take their skills to the next level.

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New York Fashion Week Program